Katie Pyne
I grew up in Los Angeles and I worked my ass off to get into college. That’s what you did. Or so I thought. At Stanford, my worldview was expanded by people and opportunities. I studied drawing and painting, learned to surf, speak French, fail psychology, travel alone, confront death, and survive a sorority; but most importantly, I learned how to love documentary film.
 Documentary took me to graduate school at USC where I relished film’s ability to capture time and the human condition. I really fell in love with storytelling. With voice and tone. Though I soon realized documentary was too concrete. I wanted not only to document the world, but embellish. I began to write stories for screen. Create my own moments and dialogue. Smart characters with conflicting wants. To document and develop the wild narratives I’d imagined or observed. 
I love mysteries. I love crime. I love sports movies and female driven narratives. I love dark family dramas where everything looks perfect until you dig beneath the surface. There’s a challenge in writing something that feels authentic yet remains compelling, that allows you to empathize with someone new. Like a documentary, but better.
Please email thisiskatiepyne@gmail.com for more information and inquiries.

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